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Black Mirror


S/E Description Aired Runtime
S06 E01 Joan Is Awful
A young woman finds out that a streaming platform turned her life into a TV show that is not quite flattering.
56 minutes
S06 E02 Loch Henry
A young couple travels to rural Scotland in order to shoot a documentary, but uncovers something much darker that they could anticipate.
52 minutes
S06 E03 Beyond the Sea
When an astronaut’s family is brutally murdered while he’s in space, he and his coworker must deal with the traumatic event.
80 minutes
S06 E04 Mazey Day
A paparazzi tries to find an actress who quietly disappeared a couple weeks ago.
42 minutes
S06 E05 Demon 79
After making acquaintance with a demon, a young woman is tasked to kill three people in order to stop the Apocalypse.
62 minutes