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S/E Description Aired Runtime
S01 E01 Chapter I: A Princess, an Elf, and a Demon Walk Into a Bar 35 minutes
S01 E02 Chapter II: For Whom the Pig Oinks 27 minutes
S01 E03 Chapter III: The Princess of Darkness 28 minutes
S01 E04 Chapter IV: Castle Party Massacre 29 minutes
S01 E05 Chapter V: Faster, Princess! Kill! Kill! 27 minutes
S01 E06 Chapter VI: Swamp and Circumstance 27 minutes
S01 E07 Chapter VII: Love's Tender Rampage 27 minutes
S01 E08 Chapter VIII: The Limits of Immortality 27 minutes
S01 E09 Chapter IX: To Thine Own Elf Be True 27 minutes
S01 E10 Chapter X: Dreamland Falls 27 minutes
S02 E01 Chapter XI: The Disenchantress 30 minutes
S02 E02 Chapter XII: Stairway to Hell 27 minutes
S02 E03 Chapter XIII: The Very Thing 25 minutes
S02 E04 Chapter XIV: The Lonely Heart Is a Hunter 26 minutes
S02 E05 Chapter XV: Our Bodies, Our Elves 22 minutes
S02 E06 Chapter XVI: The Dreamland Job 21 minutes
S02 E07 Chapter XVII: Love's Slimy Embrace 23 minutes
S02 E08 Chapter XVIII: In Her Own Write 23 minutes
S02 E09 Chapter XVIX: The Electric Princess 25 minutes
S02 E10 Chapter XX: Tiabeanie Falls 27 minutes
S03 E01 Chapter XXI: Subterranean Homesick Blues
While Tiabeanie explores the lair of her mother, Dreamland becomes a theocracy.
31 minutes
S03 E02 Chapter XXII: You're the Bean
While Tiabeanie tries to escape her mother’s lair, her father was buried alive, and must escape as well.
25 minutes
S03 E03 Chapter XXIII: Beanie Get Your Gun
Tiabeanie and her father return to Dreamland, and King Derek stumbles through a forest, where he makes a special acquaintance.
33 minutes
S03 E04 Chapter XXIV: Steamland Confidential
Tiabeanie and Elfo make their way to Steamland.
31 minutes
S03 E05 Chapter XXV: Freak Out!
Still in Steamland, Tiabeanie is looking for Elfo, who is locked up in a freak show.
26 minutes
S03 E06 Chapter XXVI: Last Splash
Tiabeanie and Elfo make their way back to Dreamland, and are confronted with the “love sickness”.
27 minutes
S03 E07 Chapter XXVII: Bad Moon Rising
Back in Dreamland, Tiabeanie learns about the curse and tries to stop the secret society from killing her father.
29 minutes
S03 E08 Chapter XXVIII: Hey, Pig Spender
Tiabeanie and her friends deal with a monster visiting common folks, and travel to Bentwood in order to get money and weapons for Dreamland.
29 minutes
S03 E09 Chapter XXIX: The Madness of King Zøg
With green smoke approaching Dreamland, the kingdom is in need of a leading king, who’s condition, however, is getting worse.
28 minutes
S03 E10 Chapter XXX: Bean Falls Down
Tiabeanie is crowned queen and faces an attack of ogres.
27 minutes
S04 E01 Chapter XXXI: Love Is Hell
Tiabeanie is about to be married to Satan and tries to flee from hell.
29 minutes
S04 E02 Chapter XXXII: The Good, The Bad, and the Bum-Bum
Tiabeanie, Jerry and Luci try to make it back to Dreamland while Elfo is reunited with his family.
29 minutes
S04 E03 Chapter XXXIII: The Cabinet of Dr. Chazzzzz
The Kind makes his adventurous way to Dreamland.
27 minutes
S04 E04 Chapter XXXIV: Goon Baby Goon
Tiabeanie finds a different Dreamland that she expected, and tries to get rid of the new rulers with the help of her father.
21 minutes
S04 E05 Chapter XXXV: The Pitter-Patter of Little Feet
Puppets brought to live bring mischief to Dreamland and play games with the King’s mind.
28 minutes
S04 E06 Chapter XXXVI: What to Expect When You're Expecting Parasites
Going after her father, Tiabeanie, Elfo and Luci find themselves in a underwater castle.
22 minutes
S04 E07 Chapter XXXVII: The Unbearable Lightning of Bean
Tiabeanie and her father both look for their lost love.
25 minutes
S04 E08 Chapter XXXVIII: Spy Vs. Spy Vs. Spy
Tiabeanie experiences a recurring dream while Elfo has to spy for different parties.
29 minutes
S04 E09 Chapter XXXVIV: The Goo-Bye Girl
The elfs find out more about who they are and Tiabeanie gets a step further in her recurring dream.
19 minutes
S04 E10 Chapter XL: Bean Falls Apart
Tiabeanie must face herself in her dream, while Derek, his new-found bear brother and Freckles run away from Dreamland.
32 minutes