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Deutschland 89

local_offer Genre
  • Drama
  • Thriller

On the brink of the German reunification, Martin Rauch is caught in the middle of East and West politics. While being forced back into intelligence work, he also must protect his son from being sent to Moscow.

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  • German
  • English
  • Russian
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  • Prime Video
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  • UFA Fiction
  • Big Window Productions
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  • 16:9
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S/E Description Aired Runtime
S01 E01 Kyrie Eleison
Martin Rauch must serve as a courier for a secret document in order to keep his son save.
50 minutes
S01 E02 November Nights
Foreign intelligence services try to recruit Martin Rauch, and Walter Schweppenstette receives an undercover mission.
49 minutes
S01 E03 Magic
Martin Rauch makes a new acquaintance, Walter Schweppenstette performs well on his new mission, and Lenora Rauch breaks out of prison.
50 minutes
S01 E04 Operation Condor
Martin Rauch accidentally gets drawn into an assassination of banker Alfred Herrhausen, leaving the Federal Intelligence Service in doubt on which side he stands.
50 minutes
S01 E05 Timișoara Rebellion
Martin Rauch and Nicole Zangen are looking for Lenora Rauch in Romania and Walter Schweppenstette is involved in a deal to deposit West German money in a western bank without a trace.
52 minutes
S01 E06 Quando Ti Guardo
After they just missed her in Romaina, Martin Rauch and Nicole Zangen follow Lenora Rauch to Italy, where she proposes Martin with an opportunity. Tina Fischer meets someone who reminds her of her interrogator when she was in prison.
49 minutes
S01 E07 Phase Zwei
Lerona Rauch tries to assissinate Helmut Kohl, Martin Rauch suspects Nicole Zangen to be a spy, and Tina Fischer’s interrogator from prison makes his way into her flat and threatens her.
51 minutes
S01 E08 The End of History
Martin Rauch is taken hostage by Brigitte Winkelmann and Hector Valdez, and Walter Schweppenstette tries to save him.
51 minutes