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  • Thriller
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  • Mystery

With the German Democratic Republic in dire need of money, Martin Rauch gets involved in a weapons deal that takes him through Africa and back to Europe, where multiple western powers try to get their hands on him.

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S/E Description Aired Runtime
S01 E01 Tar Baby
Martin Rauch is asked to help with an arms deal where the Apartheid South African Army is the buyer.
46 minutes
S01 E02 Ommegang
After the weapons deal went south, Martin and Lenora Rauch transport the weapons to Angola with the hope to find a new buyer.
45 minutes
S01 E03 Dragon Rouge
With the Apartheid South African Army who took back their weapons, Martin and Lenora Rauch must stop them from destroying a refinery in the hands of the People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola.
45 minutes
S01 E04 Le Cafard
Believed to be dead, Martin Rauch is recovering in Libya, while Lenora Rauch tries to buy a ship for in the Federal Republic of Germany as a means to generate additional money.
46 minutes
S01 E05 Green Book
With an imminent terrorist attack, both western powers and Martin Rauch try to prevent it.
48 minutes
S01 E06 Tjello
Western powers, including the United States, suspect Martin Rauch to be involved in the bombing, and are after him. Tina, a doctor from the German Democratic Republic, prepares to flee to the Federal Republic of Germany with her family.
44 minutes
S01 E07 El Dorado Canyon
Martin Rauch helps with the escape of Tina and her family, and plans to go back to the German Democratic Republic.
47 minutes
S01 E08 Vula
Tina and her family are caught and thrown into prison, and Martin Rauch must prove himself to work for the Federal Intelligence Service of the Federal Republic of Germany.
46 minutes
S01 E09 Chickenfeed
Tina is released and escorted to the Federal Republic of Germany, and Martin Rauch travels back to the German Democratic Republic.
45 minutes
S01 E10 Total Onslaught
Operation Traumschiff is blackmailed to stop their weapons deal, while Martin Rauch plans to bring his son to the Federal Republic of Germany.
49 minutes