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local_offer Genre
  • Drama
  • Science Fiction

When in the German town Winden children started to disappear, a series of events starts to unfold with consequences for present, past and future.

public Country
  • Germany
translate Language
  • German
tv Network
  • Netflix
handyman Production company
  • W&B Television


S/E Description Aired Runtime
S01 E01 Secrets (Geheimnisse) 52 minutes
S01 E02 Lies (Lügen) 45 minutes
S01 E03 Past and Present (Gestern und Heute) 46 minutes
S01 E04 Double Lives (Doppelleben) 47 minutes
S01 E05 Truths (Wahrheiten) 45 minutes
S01 E06 Sic Mundus Creatus Est (Sic Mundus Creatus Est) 51 minutes
S01 E07 Crossroads (Kreuzwege) 52 minutes
S01 E08 As You Sow, so You Shall Reap (Was man sät, das wird man ernten) 50 minutes
S01 E09 Everything Is Now (Alles ist jetzt) 50 minutes
S01 E10 Alpha and Omega (Alpha und Omega) 57 minutes
S02 E01 Episode 1 54 minutes
S02 E02 Episode 2 55 minutes
S02 E03 Episode 3 56 minutes
S02 E04 Episode 4 61 minutes
S02 E05 Episode 5 56 minutes
S02 E06 Episode 6 55 minutes
S02 E07 Episode 7 58 minutes
S02 E08 Episode 8 58 minutes
S03 E01 Dé­jà-vu (Dé­jà-vu) 62 minutes
S03 E02 The Survivors (Die Überlebenden) 60 minutes
S03 E03 Adam and Eve (Adam und Eva) 57 minutes
S03 E04 The Origin (Der Ursprung) 64 minutes
S03 E05 Life and Death (Leben und Tod) 64 minutes
S03 E06 Light and Shadow (Licht und Schatten) 59 minutes
S03 E07 In Between Time (Zwischen der Zeit) 69 minutes
S03 E08 Paradise (Das Paradies) 77 minutes