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Dark Tourist


S/E Description Aired Runtime
S01 E01 Latin America
David Farrier follows the footsteps of Pablo Escobar in Colombia, witnesses an exorcism, visits a shrine of the Santa Muerte in Mexico, and attends an illegal border crossing enactment into the United States.
41 minutes
S01 E02 Japan
David Farrier attends a Fukushima tour, walks in a forest known as a suicide spot, and visits on an abandoned island.
41 minutes
S01 E03 United States
David Farrier attends the Cream City Cannibal Tour in Milwaukee and two JFK assassination tours in Dallas, and meets vampires in New Orleans.
42 minutes
S01 E04 The Stans
David Farrier swims in a lake created by a nuclear blast, witnesses a Soyuz rocket launch, and attends the opening ceremony of the 2017 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in Ashgabat.
42 minutes
S01 E05 Europe
David Farrier takes part in the biggest war enactment of the world, visits a morbid museum, and tries to smuggle himself into a sealed off city in Cyprus.
41 minutes
S01 E06 South East Asia
David Farrier finds out whether it really is possible to shoot a cow in Cambodia, visits Myanmar’s parliament building, and attends death rites in Indonesia.
39 minutes
S01 E07 Africa
David Farrier becomes a Voodoo disciple in Benin, attends a township tour in South Africa, and meets with Afrikaners who believe that “blacks” will try to kill them.
41 minutes
S01 E08 Back in the USA
David Farrier attends a tour following the Manson Family murders, meets survivalists who prepare for the end of the world, and visits an extreme survival horror house.
42 minutes